Home Sale Inspections

No one wants to move into their new home and find that there are outstanding violations with which the prior owner failed to comply. For this reason, Terra offers home sale inspections as an optional service in each of its managed communities. Under this program, a closing agent or contract purchaser may request an inspection of the exterior of the home and lot prior to its scheduled closing.

A home sale inspection will indicate whether the visible condition of the home and lot are in compliance with the community’s governing documents at the time of the inspection. A home sale inspection may be ordered to determine if violations exist that must be corrected before closing, or to determine if known pre-existing violations have been corrected in anticipation of closing. A home sale inspection report shall be generated after the inspection is conducted. The home sale inspection report shall indicate the status of the home and lot as being as either compliant or noncompliant. If a home is noncompliant, the report will indicate the nature of the violation(s). A photo of the violation will be provided when possible. The report will not suggest corrective action, as determining the proper corrective action is the responsibility of the present or future homeowner.

If a presale inspection has been ordered, and a noncompliant report issued, thereafter a follow-up inspection may be ordered. The purpose of the follow-up inspection will be to determine if previously reported violations have been corrected.

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