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Discrimination & Harassment in Community Associations

By Kimberly Garno, Esq., Terra Law Firm, P.A. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has expanded regulations through a 2016 amendment to the Fair Housing Act to eliminate discriminatory practices that occur because of race, color, religion, [...]

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What to do about Fire Sprinkler Retrofitting.

A 2010 amendment to Florida Statute 718.112 (2)(l)(1) made the fire sprinkler retrofit requirement arguably applicable to all condos. The statute was initially only applicable to high rise condos. When the statute was amended, the words “high rise” were removed. [...]

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Understanding Your Neighborhood Community Association

Understanding Your Neighborhood Community Association When you purchase a home in an urban or suburban community, more often than not you will become a member of the neighborhood community association. The association is governed by [...]

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