Tampabay’s Community Management at its Best!

Knowledgeable Staff with Professional Support.  

Terra’s community managers are professional and have experience that is unparalleled in the HOA and Condominium industry, with legal advisory support (at no charge to your Association) provided by Terra Law Firm, P.A. Terra’s managers receive monthly training on pertinent issues related to community maintenance, finance, community management and law, ensuring that your assigned manager has all the support and knowledge necessary to provide effective management.

Free Websites.

Terra provides each of its communities with a website that provides community residents the information and documentation they will need about the governance of your association. The website provides a convenient portal for assessment payment and association events. Our interactive websites provide the Board with the ability to approve payables online, and provides 24/7 access to account and violation information.

Personalized Levels of Service.

With Terra, there are no “one size fits all” management solutions. We craft our management plan and services to meet your needs and, if you are unsure, we will suggest a plan based on our understanding of the community and your vision for the future. Regardless of the number and frequency of board meetings that you desire, or your preference for having a manager on site, we can accommodate your needs and budget.

Written Management Plans.

Terra develops a written management plan specific to each of its managed communities covering such matters as collections, CCR enforcement and architectural control. In this way, each homeowner and resident will be better able to understand the policies employed in management of their community. We will publish this plan on your community website so all community residents understand what is expected. Terra will then manage in accordance with those expectations.

$$ Savings.  

Billing the Association for reimbursable expenses has become an additional profit center for other management companies. Under Terra’s “Management Partner” program, Terra minimizes charges for “Extras.” Most of the items that are routinely required on a daily basis in managing your community (e.g. copies, envelopes, office supplies, faxes, long distance, check writing, check stock, manual deposits) are provided at no additional charge. Further, Terra defers billing for many services provided directly to homeowners or third parties. If the Association doesn’t get paid, Terra doesn’t get paid. We know of no other management company in the industry that is willing to make this commitment. This includes charges for preparation of late notices, pre-lien and pre-foreclosure letters, tenant demand letters and more.

Professional Purchasing.

This protects the Association’s interests by utilizing a purchase order system or Requests for Proposal (RFP’s) when contracting with vendors. These attorney drafted forms specify the contract terms so your Association is not subject to unreasonable conditions employed by some vendors. Many attorney drafted forms are available for community use without additional cost to our association clients.


Terra has recently signed a contract to utilize CALIBER®, one of the most advanced management software packages, specifically developed for the community management industry.   CALIBER® allows us to provide the Board with a variety of reports to be utilized in their oversight of the community. These include financial reports, delinquency reports, violation reports, receivable aging reports, homeowner financial and compliance records, and more. Board members can view invoices and approve association payables online.   In addition, homeowners have the ability to establish a profile and access their personal association records. CALIBER® also aids your assigned manager in performing site inspections by providing a direct link to your community’s database through an iPad, iPhone, or other tablet computer or smartphone.   Compliance matters are input immediately and letters sent out without delay.

Electronic Storage.

As a standard service, documents used in the day to day operation of your association will be scanned and stored electronically, thereby reducing the association’s future storage costs.

Terra Maintenance.

With its in-house maintenance staff, Terra can complete handyman items quickly at a very reasonable cost. Sometimes maintenance items need to be handled without delay. Waiting for an independent contractor to respond and being forced to comply with their schedule rather than your own could have adverse consequences for an association. Terra’s in-house maintenance department provides the association with a means to respond to time sensitive maintenance items expeditiously and at a very reasonable cost.

We Watch Your Back.

Terra understands that its success is directly linked to the success of your community and this is reflected in the company’s Mission Statement which reads in part: “Our mission is to be the benchmark by which all others in the industry measure their performance. To accomplish this mission, we will place the needs of our clients above our own and we will dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized management solutions in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within our industry”.

Simple Transition and No Set-Up Fees.

We verify Association ownership records with government offices to ensure accuracy and communicate with the residents to ensure that they are aware of the change in management companies. We set up your bank accounts, notify your vendors, hold transition meetings where necessary and assist with employee paperwork.   If needed, Terra provides a written plan to transition your Association from your current manager to Terra management. It is our goal to be up and running on our contract start date without a hitch.

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