The primary function of any community association is to enforce its governing documents. It is the duty of the association’s board of directors to ensure that members of the association comply with the provisions of the community declaration, articles of incorporation, and association bylaws. This can be a daunting task because it places board members in a position where they must police the behavior of their neighbors. That’s where Terra comes in!
The Terra manager assigned to your community will not only perform regular inspections of the common areas, but will also inspect homes and lots within the community to ensure compliance with your governing documents. This includes conformity with architectural restrictions, landscaping standards, and standards regulating behavior of community members, such as leashing pets, nuisance behavior, speeding, and use of community facilities.

We will assist you in establishing a written plan for your community setting forth exactly how compliance matters will be handled. We will coordinate the establishment of a compliance committee which can hear member appeals. We will correspond with members of your community advising of violations, and we manage the entire compliance process from initial notification of violation through levy of a fine for non-compliant behavior. In rare cases where the services of an attorney become necessary, we manage that process too. Board members, and community members, will be able to rest assured that their property values are being protected by the vigilant enforcement of the community’s governing documents.

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